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Clara, a pit bull-stabbed at PetSmart during adoption event has been euthanized

Clara the pit bull-stabbed at PetSmart adoption event
Clara the pit bull-stabbed at PetSmart adoption event
Facebook/Clicks for Clara

Clara, a pit bull that was part of an adoption event at PetSmart, 1072 Bullsboro Dr, Newnan, Georgia, was euthanized after she was stabbed by a customer and her injuries considered too serious for Clara to be able to recover.

It seems there was a scuffle between Clara, who was with the Newnan-Coweta Humane Society for this adoption event, and a customer's dog, with the other dog not having apparent injuries according to statements made by witnesses.

Details shared with this writer by Teresa Reeves-Wohler, who was attending the adoption event hosted by the Newnan-Coweta County Humane Society in hopes of adopting a dog and serving as a volunteer, show Clara was thought to be able to recover from the stabbing injuries. .

Teresa Reeves-Wohler said Clara 'was as sweet as could be' when asked about Clara's personality. The Facebook page titled Clicks for Clara shares more photos and details about Clara.

The following information is from the Facebook page of Teresa Reeves-Wohler. This is shared with permission of Ms. Reeves-Wohler and has been edited for language:

We just had a horrible, traumatic experience. Mike Wohler , Emmy, and I went up to petsmart to look at adopting another rescue pitty. We were looking at the pups and start hearing this crazy yelling from the front of the store. We run up there and there is a rescue pitty that got into a scuffle with a customers dog. The pitty had a hold of hair and some loose skin on the other dog and the dogs owner is yelling " f****** pit bull... Why are these f****** dogs even still allowed around" as he is punching and kicking the pit. Mike and I run up to him and I start yelling at him to stop hurting the pit and mikes trying to get his hand in the pits mouth... And dude takes a knife out and starts stabbing the pitty! I'm putting my arms out over the dog and screaming at the guy and mikes still trying to get the dogs apart. He's still stabbing. After about 7 stab wounds and mase sprayed in her face she let's go and lays down. The white floor is now red and there is blood on everyone And the Pits tail is still wagging. I'm crying and telling this guy what a price of shit he is and all he says is " f******* pit bull". Mike and I stuck around to talk to police and make sure pitty was ok. Luckily the vets said she would be fine and were already stitching her up when we left ( other dog didn't even have a scratch on her ).

As more details become available concerning any charges that will stem from Clara's stabbing at the PetSmart event in Newnan, Georgia, this information will be updated.

While Mike Wohler, Teresa Reeves-Woholer and their daughter Emily watched in horror at what was occurring-realize others in the store, including children, also witnessed this horrific event.

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