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Clap if you know a good black father

Black Father Who Defy Myths
Black Father Who Defy Myths
Facebook / Gary Dycio

According to BCNN1 on Sunday, there are at least five lies being told about black fathers. Black fathers have gotten a bad rap for many years, and still are, but the positive story has to be told. The intention of this article is to promote the good black fathers - even if you are not married to the father or never knew your dad. And even if you have not had the experience of having a good father, you must know a father who is doing the right thing. Following, you will find a list of three good things black fathers do well:

Pray. On Sunday there is a "Million Man Prayer" in Chicago, Il in an effort to celebrate "Father's Day" and because of the need to stop the violence in the city of Chicago and around the nation. The Bible states, "Men should always pray and not faint." In the Book of Luke, Jesus told men that they should pray and never give up or lose heart.

Leaders. Today Barack Obama sits in the White House as the first black man and black father as the President of the United States. President Obama is serving his second term in office. He is the first 44th president in the history of our great country. He is committed to supporting young African American men with the initiative signed in congress called, "My Brother's Keeper."

Providers. In one neighborhood in the city of Southfield, on one block of 30 homes where children reside, there is a father either present and / or providing for their children in the majority of their homes. Check out Marvin Ballinger's Facebook page (Southfield based) where a note is posted from his daughter on "Father's Day." -- These fathers participate in the total child experience: they nurture their children, play with their children, pay tuition for their college; attend church and attend to the spiritual needs of their children and provide for their daily living needs.

Happy Father's Day to all fathers who do the right thing in God's sight!