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Clamoring for clogs

Chanel 5'O Clog Mule
Chanel 5'O Clog Mule
Photo: Chanel

It seems that whatever Karl Lagerfeld touches turns to gold.  Although, the fashion master-mind cannot be credited with the invention of clogs, he certainly deserves credit for their most recent foray into fashionable footwear.  Ever since he sent models sashaying down the runway in an updated version of the traditional Scandinavian shoe, fashion-lovers have been on the hunt.  

For those in Minnesota with strong Scandinavian roots, these are not your grandmother's clogs.  This spring the shoe has gotten a sexy makeover, and comes with anything you could want: studs, chains, open toes; but most importantly a great heel.  Gone are the days of teetering in stilettos.  But, buyer beware, clogs can take some getting used to; they are often looser fitting than most shoes, which can cause your foot to slide around inside.

While you may not have the money to get the Chanel 5′O Clog Mules (they'll set you back a cool 4 figures), Jeffery Campbell has come out with a similar pair for $125 available at Nordstrom's in the Mall of America.  If you're looking for an open-toe version, look no further than Pumpz & Company in the Galleria Edina for a chic pair by Belle by Sigerson Morrison.

Looking for cues on how to complete your outfit?  Celebrity stylist Rachel Zoe featured clogs in a recent Zoe Report, and encourages pairing them "with a peasant-like blouse and long jersey skirt for a carefree stylish look."  Or you could pair them with a hot pair of ankle-length skinny jeans to offset the chunky heel, and a pretty floral tank.  But, however you choose to complete your outfit, remember: confidence is your best accessory!