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'Clairvoyant' manatee predicts Denver Broncos to win Super Bowl

Buffett the "clairvoyant" manatee predicts the Denver Broncos as Super Bowl champions
Buffett the "clairvoyant" manatee predicts the Denver Broncos as Super Bowl champions
Facebook: Mote Marine Laboratory and Aquarium

A “psychic” manatee at Sarasota, Fla.’s Mote Marine Laboratory and Aquarium has chosen the Denver Broncos as Super Bowl champions. The manatee named Buffett has correctly predicted the previous six Super Bowl champions and has been dubbed as a “clairvoyant” manatee by the aquarium staff.

Buffett made his Super Bowl selection by swimming towards targets featuring the logos of each team. Despite notoriously poor vision within the species, Buffett swam towards the blue and orange helmet.

“One of the things they’re trained to do is swim towards a target, so in this case, we put the team logos on the back of two targets,” Hayley Rutger, Mote’s public relations coordinator said.

In the same exhibit, fellow manatee and Buffett’s half-brother, Hugh, chose the Seattle Seahawks as Super Bowl champions. While both manatees have correctly predicted the past two Super Bowl champions, Hugh has chosen four of the last Super Bowl champions correctly while Buffett is a perfect six-for-six.

“I'm going with Buffett this year,” said Kat Nicolaisen, research supervisor at the laboratory. “It is pretty incredible that Buffett is now six for six. We don't know how he does it. The choice is totally up to him.”

This is not the first instance of animals being used to predict sporting events. An octopus named Paul was used to predict the winners of Germany’s seven World Cup matches in 2010 as well as the World Cup final between Spain and Holland. Paul made his predictions by eating oysters out of containers marked by a particular nation’s flag. Of the eight predictions Paul made, every one was made correctly.

The Denver Broncos are currently 2.5 point favorites over the Seattle Seahawks, perhaps gamblers will look to clairvoyant animals rather than “experts” for their gambling advice.

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