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Clairemont piecing together Balboa Ave mall corner

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Locals in Clairemont, and nearby Linda Vista and Mesa College neighborhoods, will not get everything at the Balboa Avenue shopping corner at Gennessee Avenue community planning leaders had planned since 2007. Shoppers do already have a new The Vitamin Shoppe open at the main entrance in the west avenue fronts.

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The major renovation at Balboa Mesa shopping center started August last year is living up to all but one promise on shopping and dining. The mall developer backed out of building an In-N-Out Burger that would have stayed open until 1:30 am inthe morning near one of SanDiego's busiest intersections. A lead deal in the 10 million dollar investment plan.

Shopping fronts on the corner anchored by the new vitamin shop at the entrance corner will fill in through late in the year. Baskin Robbins has its familiar San Diego logo on its street door at the east end of the west shop row. Next to a pizzeria. Construction workers, on Friday, the 25th, worked on empty concrete floors inside the wood paneled west shop building that ends at the intersection corner.

Chicken Charlie's FryBQ sign hung on the constructon fence tells locals going by the east end restaurant in the west row opens in October.

Mall groundskeepers have their hands full taking care of the young plants growing around the corner fronts. Locals will see the plants growing under palm tree lines during quick stops at the Vons shopping center Kohl's and CVS keep the parking lot traffic busy.

Renovation work stands more than half done. The relocated US Bank building on Gennessee Avenue has the same new outdoor paint colors, and stonework, The Vitamin SHoppe counts on to draw in customers. Bulldozers stopped on the next Gennessee Avenue lot workers did their building jobs on building scaffolds stayed onthe back of open dirt.

The Clairemont Community Planning Group that, last year, sent the mall renovation plan to the San Diego city council for approval has gotten noticeable results. Customers coming and going wait in fewer lines at the mall. CVS Pharmacy has its own drive thru pharmacy.

Over one hundred new parking spaces a turn inside a new south Gennessee Avenue entrance near Kohl's will take in the shoppers and diners who step out to find the right signs to learn onthe new mall fronts. Friday, blacktop square footage was covered with a drying asphalt mix.

Better ways to get around the mall, stop and go, have been planned since 2007. The renovation lines up more convenient traffic movement through the mall. None of the lot ground plans the mall developer had in store were thrown out of the renovation plan. Clairemont locals will see new, more efficient, LED lights light up the Balboa Mesa shopping mall.

Shopping and dining habits will pick up on Balboa Avenue.

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