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Claire Cook: Interview with a reinvention expert

Claire Cook's twelfth book, "Never Too Late," her first nonfiction book, is about reinvention. Not surprisingly, it's also yet another reinvention for Claire Cook as she expands on her favorite theme -- how to successfully change or reinvent yourself.

Claire Cook's latest (and first nonfiction) book all about reinvention and her own personal story.
Claire Cook's latest (and first nonfiction) book all about reinvention and her own personal story.
courtesy of Claire Cook
Claire Cook is confident that her ideas will help others succeed
courtesy of Claire Cook

As a bestselling author of eleven fiction books including​,​ among others, the bestseller, "Must Love Dogs," Cook has created stories about women who reinvent themselves -- usually from necessity.

Cook didn't need to reinvent herself yet again. She decided to fulfill her long-time dream of becoming an author, and she succeeded beyond her expectations. Her reinvention at age 45 led to her walking down the ​Hollywood​ red carpet at 50 and wowing the crowd -- because Cook is not just a talented author, she​ is​ genuinely funny, too.

So now in her fourth (or fifth) reinvention (author of fiction, self-publisher, author of nonfiction, expert and public speaker about reinvention, new haircut...), Cook is happy with where she is in life.

She wanted to share her experiences with others, and as she points out in her newest book, she can't meet everyone individually and help them. By writing a book and sharing her experiences and thoughts and expertise, she can reach out to many more people and help them with their own reinventions.

Cook also has an accompanying workbook that she is giving away (free) to anyone who subscribes to her newsletter (go to and download it). That's been a big hit with her fans. And those who download the workbook like it so much, they are immediately buying the book. It's making readers feel ​as if reinvention is something that's possible. Cook told me, "It's really making them feel like they can do it."

​Many people are feeling ​that they ​can use her help ​:​ "Never Too Late" is the #1 Amazon Hot New Release in Women's Personal Growth and the #1 bestseller in the same category.

On not writing a nonfiction book earlier in her career, Cook says, "I'm glad I didn't write this until now. All the good and bad things I've experienced have helped me. Everything I've learned has been great training for writing this book." And she loves hearing from people about how the book has helped them change their way​s​ of thinking.

"It's about helping others and sharing knowledge," Cook concluded. ​And s​he plans to continue to share her knowledge and expertise at women's conferences and other public events.

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