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Claim your space

How many times do you say, “I’m sorry” in any given day? Do you continuously apologize essentially for being you? Is this remorseful approach helpful to your life or is it hindering? An apology as defined by means, “A regretful acknowledgment of an offense or failure.” Considering this definition, unless you have been offensive or you are failing you miserably, why are you apologizing?

Living life apologetic for your existence distorts your vision.
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This timid behavior endorses the essence of you as being a mistake; this regretful approach is sabotaging your existence. You are meant to be alive. Regardless of your shape, your gender, your race, your diversity, you are here to persevere and you are worthy of the best in life. As a spiritual being, you are not a second-class person, you are part of a collective whole equally important as everyone else in this world!

If you are apologizing for being you, it is time to lift your head high and self advocate. Dare to be courageous and confident, when you’re unsure be curious and grateful not apologetic.

To appreciate oneself and the glory of your existence is to open yourself to the beauty and potential of your life. For the magnificence of you, the wonder of your essence, apologies are not necessary; instead claim your space. You are entitled to your life and to embrace all that is the spirit of you. You are meant to be here, prove this by honoring the blessing of you!

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