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Civil War Soldiers' Monument in Willoughby, OH: stop, look, and love our troops

The statue of a solider in the Civil War Soldiers' Monument in Willoughby, OH

I admit that I drive by this monument several times per week. I finally decided to stop and take a look the other day. Okay, so the parking in Downtown Willoughby, OH is a little bit congested. It is still important to learn something new about our country's history.

The Civil War Soldiers' Monument is located in the town square directly in Downtown Willoughby. It is s statue of a civil war soldier with an authentic civil war cannon. If you are driving past the Domino's Pizza, the monument is on your right; and the cannon appears to be in front of the statue. On the sides of the statue are scrolled the names of the Union soldiers from Willoughby and the surrounding areas who lost their lives trying to help save The United States of America. There is also a statue of Joseph Carabelli, the main sculptor of this monument.

The monument really does not need the beautiful grass and flowers planted around it. It is beautiful in its own right due to the sacrifices that those soldiers made. Those sacrifices are beautiful and heartbreaking at the same time. You wish that there was a way that no one else would have to die in war.

No matter how you feel about the wars and conflicts which The United States of America is involved; remember to love our troops and support them. Many of them have made the ultimate sacrifice. Others have been seriously injured and have had their lives altered in some way forever. Thank you to all the men and women who have served in the US Military. God Bless you all; and God Bless America.

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