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Civil unrest over takes a quiet village at Charlton Park, Michigan

Today, July 19, 2014, the Civil War returned to Charlton Park in Hastings, Michigan. The annual Civil War muster is set in beautiful Charlton park where 18th century buildings have been moved and it provides a beautiful, historically accurate village for the Civil War reenactors to stage battles and demonstrations of Civil War tactics, strategies, and medicine.

The 2014 Civil War Reenactment at Charlton Park in Hastings, Michigan
The 2014 Civil War Reenactment at Charlton Park in Hastings, Michigan
2014 © by Janice Graczyk
The northern cavalry confront the southern troops at the Hastings Civil War Muster
2014 © by Janice Graczyk

Today the scenario involved a quiet, southern village whose peace was interupted by an invasion of Yankees. Canons roared and rifles flared causing the peaceful villagers to flee in terror as the troops came marching in from the east and the cavalry rode in from the west to face them off in the initial confrotation. More troops marched in from both sides and the town square became a battle ground.

Many soldiers fell today from the vicious fighting but at the end both sides rose again to fight tomorrow as another day in a Civil War Valhalla. After the northern soldiers marched and rode past the cheering crowd the troops from Dixie formed rank and fired a volley and then charged the crowd to give them the feel of the battle. Fortunately they stopped at the road and didn't continue to the relief of the spectators.

After the battle there was a demonstration of field medicine with the Dr. performing an amputation of one of the soldiers legs for the viewing pleasure of the audience. Dr. J. J. Bandit, aka "The Butcher", explained the medical theory of the time. They believed that infection was a part of the healing process. The thick, white pus was a sign a wound would heal properly. Alternately, the thin, green issue was a sign that a would would likely result in the the soldiers death. Fortunately, in this case, the soldier's leg grew back in time for another demonstration.

At the moment the Gas & Steam Barn Dance is just starting. At 9 p.m. there is an evening lantern walk where the tours will be starting from the barn dance and will procede through different stations in the village where those in the tour will witness the comanders discussing tactics for tomorrows battles and will visit the injured and dying in the infirmery.

The show will return tomorrow at 9 a.m. with the opening of suttlers row for all to shop for antiques, reproductions, and lots of high quality, hand made goods. If you are in the Southern Michigan area head on over for the Civil War Reenactment in Hastings or stop by the Olde World Village and visit as the BlackRock Medieval Summerfest continues their show and drop by and visit with The Weird Review's very own Lillian Fox as she puts in a presence at another, otherwhen.

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