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Civic minded non-profit groups keep Boston Strong

The Civic minded non-profit groups and organizations have become quite popular to college students and volunteers of all ages within Boston. Volunteering not only looks great on a resume but enables Boston and the surrounding areas we live and work in to stay "Boston Strong".

Registration is still open
Team Haverhill

Colleges across the country are promoting this type of involvement to the up and coming leaders of our communities beginning in New England. The first Boston area independent think tank for the Commonwealth was hosted at Ned Devine's Tavern within Fanuell Hall Market Place in 2010.

Citizens and students hoping to make a difference for their city, brought together five neighborhood volunteer groups dubbed the union N2N and promoted the opportunity to discuss topics of interest on Facebook, Twitter and other news media expecting to draw 250 patrons.

Did the attendance meet its expectation? Yes, it did!

Why? Because unity is what makes "Boston Strong" always has always will; and strength begins with the willingness to join together to find ways to make a difference. The turnout was unprecedented. Although some may consider this a fad that will slowly decline with time, the joining together of concerned citizens has been at the core of our nation’s history and will certainly continue into its future.

Whether it’s to promote the safety of our children, the rehabilitation of publicly used spaces, a lobby against gun violence at the state house or simple brainstorming projects aimed at keeping the city clean. Whatever the concern may be, civic minded groups and organizations make it possible to bring ideas and issues out into the open, allowing for workable solutions to problems that may seem overwhelming to only one individual alone.

Monday, January 27, 2014 North of Boston, one such civic minded non-profit group of committed volunteers, Team Haverhill will host for the public a “Possible Dreams” event it's fourth consecutive year.

This upbeat community gathering promises to table topics for discussion brought to the forum by those able to attend. Those who work, live, volunteer or have family members within the Merrimack Valley are invited to share their “dreams” for the city, celebrate the team’s successes and get involved in making a difference within Haverhill, even if the only spare moment you have from your daily schedule is just a few hours to contribute to the event.

Its theme “Step by Step” reminds us all; the most valuable changes take patience and willingness to persevere in achieving a desired, solid and worthwhile goal, one step at a time.

"Possible Dreams" will be hosted at the Technology Center of Northern Essex Community College. Registration is still open.

Maybe it's time to put your own concerns and ideas for change out on a table? It's certainly possible more so now then ever before, with neighborhood organizations available in every area in and around Boston.

“A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” Lao Tzu

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