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CITYZEN by Azin 2014 fashion show

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Artist, architect and designer Azin Valy unveiled her CITYZEN by Azin fashion presentation during New York Fashion Week Fall 2014. The label is a luxury accessory brand with a focus on scarves, but also featured very pretty ready-to-wear womenswear outfits, and impressive handbags. The skillfully executed and creative collection titled "A Collection of Cities”, incorporated digital prints of satellite images of cities around the world.

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Ms. Valy refers to the pieces as "wearable maps", and used geographical features of a city to influence the construction of a garment, "allowing a river to define the neckline of a dress", and is the "intersection of body form and topography".

Models posed for a few minutes at a time in a penthouse at 69 Mercer Street for the fashion presentation. The show started off with a "New York Dress" made of a satin duchess stretch shell, with a digital ariel print of Manhattan, Brooklyn and Queens. The land was stylized in the colors of gold and red, while the East River and Hudson River were depicted in purple.

An eye-catching, sophiticated combination was her sleeveless silk georgette "T Dress" accessorized with a "Paris" handbag. The lower half of the dress is cream and calm; while the upper half is bustling with reds, blues, greens, grids, lines and layers of fabric as a collar. The cool blue Paris handbag is a beauty of its own, and compliments the dress perfectly.

One idea behind the collection is the promotion of one becoming a global citizen. The label provides a cultural and charitable writeup of the city on each of its garments. One of the sponsors of the event was Ocoo the beauty drink. Click on link to view the full CITYZEN by Azin 2014 collection.