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City works on HUD guaranteed money for 2014-15 housing programs

Adam Benjamin
Adam Benjamin
2014-15 HUD housing funds on stand-by.

The City of San Diego is ready to fund programs to get low income families in affordable homes and help San Diegans get back into housing after they lose a home. Monday, the city council approved the fiscal year 2014-15 action plan for using federal HUD funds.

Funding for the city's CDBG program set aside for upcoming work, 55,432.56 dollars, will cover costs for the year's community development work done in the housing market neighborhoods.

Councilmembers agreed to use 4,386,711 dollars in HUD money for the Home Investment Partnership Program affordable housing work. And, plans on solving locals' problems finding permanent or temporary husing using 920,222 dollars in HUD funds for the city's Emergency Solutions Grant programs.

The city's Housing Commission, the agency that will run the housing programs, will get fuding for its housing work after the city sends its five year 2014-19 consoliated plan it updates every five years to HUD before May 15th. Neighborhood Services Department staff handle the work getting public comments submitted during a 30 day public comment period into the final plan.

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