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City to use southside Juniper St for angled parking

Additional parking spaces will go in on Juniper Street southeast of the San Diego International Airport, along a neighborhood block light north of downtown traffic travels through a narrow street. South of the noisy traffic on Laurel STreet between the I-5 and Harbor Drive.

Drivers currently park on the street southside, between Kettner Boulevard and India Street, where the curb is turned in away from the street drive. The southeast India Street corner keeps turns around the shoulder safe. The drivers have to stay in the drive lane.

City workers will put in ten angled parking spaces on Juniper STreet's southside. A length Juniper Street parkers park front to back alongside the curb. Parkers will ahve to share the neighborhood path space out inthe street with drivers.

The narrow street ends one block west at the trolley tracks, and, one block east near the I-5. Slow trips cross the street block without busy traffic coming in. New angled parking spaces will add to angled parking found in the neighborhood. One block south, on Ivy Street, angled parking spaces line the street northside. Drivers park in angled spaces on the block one block west, and, on the block one block east.

The project increasing the number of parking paces in the neighborhood will turn Juniper STreet into a northsided open street, instead of a two sided open street.

City street construction workers will change the curbs and gutters to fit the new parking front. A set of new parking signs will mark off the parking block. A stop sign and speed limit sign will slow traffic.

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