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City to lower Friars Rd 163 traffic congestion

The frequent and severe congestion hard to av oid on Friars Raod in Misson Valley at the 163 interchange will not hold up traffic trips much longer. The city plans to widen the Friars Raod bridge once the city takes ownership of nearby private property.

Negotiations with property owners line up the land needed to piece together a traffic right of way for a city taking. The City of San Diego uses eminent domain to take private property if ownership is not settled during standard property purchase negotiaitons.

Land is needed to make room for additional roadway put in during the first phase in the congeston relief project.

Workers will widen or restripe nearby streets. Frazee Road and the entrance to the Fashion Valley shopping center, streets drivers experience frequent traffic tie ups, need overhauls.

Busy traffic surrounds the shopping centers at Fashion Valley, Mission Valley, and Hazard Centger, and takes up lane space on the long roadways that go through Mission Valley. Nearby residengtial development keeps stops at the intersections near the 163 crossing frequent. Drivers traveling to and from the highway 163 8 freeway interchange slow down the Friars Road traffic movement.

The workers on the project the City worked with Caltrans District 11 and the Federal Highway ADministration to plan will relocate medians in the area, and realign traffic to increase mobility. Freeway ramps on the travel route will get widened, or restriped.

Full relief from traffic congestion will not come until after the full project is done. The phase one work on the 6 lane traffic that goes through the Friars Road interchange will lessen traffic tie ups in the center of Mission Valley.

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