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City report: 55.8 percent of African-American babies aborted in NYC

In New York City, more African-American unborn babies were aborted than those born in 2012, reported today based on statistics released by the city. In 2012, there were 31,328 African-American unborn babies aborted while 24,758 African-American unborn babies were born in the city during 2012. There were a total of 73,815 abortions in New York City in 2012, of those, 42.4 of them were African-American unborn babies.

55.8 percent of African-American unborn babies aborted in New York City

The data was reported by the Summary of Vital Statistics 2012 The City of New York, Pregnancy Outcomes released by the New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene. The report outlined the numbers as follows:

The numbers show that in 2012, there were 31,328 induced terminations (abortions) among non-Hispanic black women in New York City. That same year, there were 24,758 live births for non-Hispanic black women in New York City. There were 6,570 more abortions than live births of black children.

In total, there were 73,815 abortions, which means the 31,328 black babies aborted comprised 42.4% of the total abortions., via the above linked story written by Cortney O'Brien, sees the trend leading to perhaps higher abortion rates in New York City.

O'Brien writes, “Unfortunately, the election of Mayor Bill de Blasio is not likely to help stem this trend. The staunchly pro-abortion Democrat has pledged to open more abortion clinics and has referred to pro-life pregnancy centers as ‘shams.’”

Most Democrat candidates for public office are stridently consistent in their support for “abortion rights” and oppose most if not all regulations to make the procedure safer and less performed. Most Democrats are strong supporters of public funding of Planned Parenthood, the nation's largest abortion provider.

Planned Parenthood was found by Margaret Sanger, who also advocated Eugenics, a belief that those who were deemed “inferior” should be aborted to decrease the population of such “unfit” human beings. Typically, supporters of Eugenics found African-Americans, immigrants, and other minorities to be unfit.

Sanger's vision appears to be reality in New York City where almost 56 percent of all unborn babies aborted are African-American, and they make up more than 42 percent of all the unborn babies abortion in New York City.

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