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City renovates PACE program

San Diego home owners planning to join the clean energy work on property additions will get a new opportunity to take a PACE program loan they pay off using property tax assessments. To offer loans to property owners that showed interest in PACE from 2010 to 2012, city councilmembers, this week, agreed to add home property owners to a PACE program the city offers to commercial property owners.

Clean energy improvements funded by the program stay on the property the owner uses a permanent installation. Now, all property owners in the city will be able to request a PACE loan.

The new commercial property program loan deal is one of two programs locals can agree to use to make their property greener. PACE loans offered in San Diego can finance installation work on a distributed generation renewable energy system, and, a energy and water efficiency improvements.

Work on installing electric vehicle charging stations and ground systems also qualifies for a PACE loan. Adding installation projects to the San Diego clean energy work will add jobs the city supports.

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