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City remaking GOlden Hill renaissance streets

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Steps taken on the 25th Street sidewalk in Golden Hills will leave the old beaten path during the 2014 months city workers widen the block sidewalks from B Street's northside down the street towards the Highway 94 exit. The streetscape work started off by Mayor Kevin Faulconer and Councilman TOdd Gloria, at the B Street corssing a familiar flower stand sells to Balboa Park walking crowds, upgrades the park's thoroughfare.

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The new Mayor, ath the April 10th groundbreaking, gave San DIegans notice the top city neighborhood project leads off work on upgrading blocks and intersections he plans to repeat in neighborhoods across the city. Golden Hills streets, the GOlden Hills Community development Corporation took a big step back on opening up to modern style life, will not undergo near the full renaissance locals had planned for decades.

New concrete pavement and a main street stripe will tidy up the blocks. Not the brick pavement, and a treescape that covers the walk step by step to the park, the corporation members invested their time working out neighborhood visions into.

Construction tape and orange pylons marked off the sidewalk work lines on 25th Street on Friday, April 18th. On B STreet, from 22nd Street across the 25th Street park path to 27th Street, construction markers lined up underground water pipe lines. The blue water pipe pieces layed stacked on blocks, both west and east.

Upgrades to the underground water system are city work both Mayor Faulconer and COuncilman GLoria plan to leave no neighborhood left out on.

The work in Golden Hills is just "part of a larger effort to rebuild our city," Gloria said.

Locals can imagine the development corporation keeps more renaissance work in store. A new small business complex building at the Highway 94 exit corner catches the eye of San DIegans traveling the path to the park from the south.

Quality of life in the heart of GOlden Hills will not change its standing. Especially the cultural experience. Life walks will get easier. And, safe.

Parking near the local restaurants will get comfortable for parkers who park and stay awhile. New reverese angle parking spaces will take up street space.

Traffic speeds on calmer 25th Street paths will no0t break up peaceful bicycle rides. San Diego bicyclists have new Class I bike lanes coming.

Concrete stumbling blocks, for now, keep locals away from the walks the city workers took over. Time for a Golden Hills Renaissance grows longer.

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