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City pays its share for Mira Mesa transit center

The new transit center workers build on Hillery Drive, near the I-15, in Mira Mesa will cost the city 692,000 dollars. The multi-million dollar station build project takes up land at WEstview Parkway on the block to the I-15 Caltrans workers work on building a new onramp.

The city's project contribution goes to SANDAG, after a council funding approval this week, a partner with the city on a plan to build new transit stations along the I-15. Money collected for facilities benefit assessments in Mira Mesa pays for the city's funding.

Big construction projects at the I-15, and on the interstate, will improve mobility in San Diego. The transit center connects to nearby park and rides, and the new freeway entrance and 2 HOV lanes Caltrans will replace with 4 managed lanes.

Work on the I-15 connection stretches form north of the overpass at Carroll Canyon Road to north of the Mira Mesa BOulevard underpass.

The workers on the project run by SANDAG, with the support of the City,, Caltrans, MTS and the COmmunity College District, will build the Mira Mesa Community Transit Center on a corner that stands between shoppig, parks, and schools on the west and office buildings and business parks in Scripps Ranch on the east.

Along HIllery Drive, in front of the MIramar College campus, the workers will put in concrete pads and bus bays, and, build a bus shelter. Metropolitan Transit Development Board deigned the station and handles the constuction job. A new park and ride will make travel routes easier to use.

MTDB will build the city a central focal point for transfers at a location that serves the 20 bus route riders. It will stand on the I-15 bus rapid transit line.

San DIegans will have a transfer point they can use to make riding a bus a convenient alternative to driving a car. The city plans to lower the number of solo drivers. ROutes between the I-15 and Mira Mesa and Miramar College will open up for transit users, and, car and vanpoolers and FastTrak users. A straight path to the Mira Mesa Community Transit Center that connects to the I-15 will lower congestion in the area.

Bus riders will use the transit center next year.

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