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City of West Plains Animal Control does away with gas chamber for euthanasia

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A small town animal control in Missouri has been making a lot of changes in the past few years, and most of those changes are good. This weekend, the City of West Plains Animal Control posted on their Facebook page that they have done away with the gas chamber that in the past was used for euthanizing pets.

The announcement states:

The City Council and the City Administrator have approved my recommendation to discontinue use of the machine. This is a huge step and a proactive approach that the City is taking in making the City of West Plains Animal Control Dept. to become a model facility within the State of Missouri.

It does go on to state that this doesn't mean they have turned into a no-kill shelter, although it sounds very much like they want to go in that direction. But in cases where a pet is euthanized, it will be taken to a local vet where the vet humanely euthanize the pet.

This is a huge step forward from the "gas chamber" that they have used in the past. The gas chambers are generally regarded as inhumane and most activist believe that shelters should immediately stop using them for euthanasia.

One final piece of good news from that Facebook page. Apparently thanks to networking on Facebook and other social media sites, the shelter has not had to euthanize a dog in quite some time. The posting states:

I would like to thank every one of you that follow us and help find forever homes for the dogs placed here. It is because of you that we are still at 0 euthanized since July 2012.