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City of Forney residents to see utility deposit lowered, credit on bills

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At the Forney City Council meeting on July 16, Director of Administrative Services, Leigh Corson, offered a proposal to significantly reduce the utility deposit amount currently charged by the City. Corson and staff compared Forney's rates to those of nearby communities and felt that it was time to decrease the deposit charge.

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Previously, residential customers inside Forney city limits are charged a $150.00 deposit and commercial businesses are charged a $300.00 deposit. There was no connection fee, however, Corson advised the Council that the City should charge a $25 non-refundable connection fee. It was proposed that the $150.00 deposit be reduced to $75.00 and the commercial businesses will pay $275.00.

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Originally the higher deposit amounts were charged because there were no collections procedures in place and the City wanted to ensure they charged enough to cover final bills and charge-off accounts. With the newly reduced deposit amounts, Corson and her staff will implement “new collection procedures including sending collections letters at 30 and 60 days delinquency with a final action of reporting to the credit bureaus.”

Councilman Ray Stephens made a motion to approve the ordinance, it was seconded by Councilman Andy Parker, and the reduction in utility deposit fees was approved unanimously by Council. Those City residents who have already paid the $150.00 deposit can expect $50.00 credit applied to their utility accounts next month.

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