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City of Detroit: what is repentance?

Repentance is Change.
Repentance is Change.
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People of Detroit, people of God, one of the most important words in the bible is the word: repent.  Well without going into detail, we would like to briefly examine repentance

An excerpt from "As It Is In Heaven" AuthorHouse 2010 by J. Frank Simmons II:

The word repent has most recently and commonly been used to notify the hearer of the transparency of his or her ways and the speaker's disapproval of the same. This type of situation compounds itself when the hearer is further notified that God sent the message of disapproval. (We assume the Lord God sees all so transparency is not an issue). The problem becomes the hearer's acceptance of the speaker's representations.

Originally, John the Baptist preached repentance to the Jewish nation, indicating that the Kingdom of God was near or within reach, in an attempt to enlighten the people by changing the way they thought about God.  In essence, John expressed to the Jews the fact that the God of Moses, as they knew Him, had eternal gifts for them.

Unfortunately, the Jews and their Fathers never truly accepted the God of Moses as their King. The Jews were inexplicably satisfied with the establishment of the sovereignty and the dominion exercised by the Romans over their nation.

Then Lord Jesus immediately began to preach "Repent, the Kingdom of God is at hand." The Lord engaged his purpose for the benefit of his people by: healing the sick, raising the dead, giving sight and hearing respectively to the blind and deaf, loosing those that were infirmed or imprisoned and replacing inner darkness with enlightenment within those who were tormented by evil.

The greatest challenge the Lord faced was the Jews unwillingness to immediately accept the Kingdom of God through his doctrine and teachings, and their unwillingness to denounce any ideas that they may have entertained pertaining to the Messiah coming to relieve the nation of Gentile dominion.

Moreover, Jesus could not persuade the Jews to accept the fact that he didn't want to take control of their worldly kingdom and that he had a Kingdom of His Righteousness to give them.  In the final analysis, because of their envy (evil), Jesus Christ suffered a horrific death at the hands of the Jewish people.

This legacy, which fully embodied the nature of the relationship between the Jews and their Savior, should serve as a poignant example of why true repentance is necessary. If we do not repent or change the way that we think about and perceive our God and his Son, we will not accept the naturalization or translation process and cannot enter into the citizenship of the Kingdom of God.

This shows us that repentance is a great entrance to that which God has prepared for us.  Let us be receptive to change.  This draws us closer to those great things our God has prepared for us! 

Thank God for Jesus! The Kingdom of God is at hand. Thank you for reading.


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