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City of Cody Wyoming challenging lawful carry with nuisance code

Call and let your voice be heard.
Call and let your voice be heard.
A. Bouchard


  • 5 years ago

    Wyoming voters will get what they pay for and to have their money spent against them and their rights should be enough to make them vote these men out of office through the impeachment process and I assume wyoming has such a vehicle for removing bad people from office. the gun grabbers are losing all over the country as Americans are beginning to figure out that only they can protect themselves since cops can't. In California guns laws making it more restrictive have been defeated in this last year. Mayor Daley lost in the Heller case and is stepping down. In New York City and state gun owners are rising up and challenging policy that is not rooted in law and even challenging the laws themselves. No one is required to own a gun but all citizens need the right to get one when they feel the need to protect themselves and their families and that includes Wyoming. a person bent on harming you is not going to limit themselves to your home but they will attack you where they think they have the best chance of success against you or your family and that could be on the street, at work, home, or anyplace else including shopping or vacation. you may not need to buy or carry that gun today but you might in the future and you certainly want that right to protect yourself and your family. The residents of Cody need to rise up and demand that their rights be left alone and that the politicians quite redefining words to suit their wants. Webster's dictionary would not agree with the politicans so why should the citizens or the courts.

  • Rex 5 years ago

    This sissy Krone sounds like a Californicated Obamanite or another one of these liberal right coasters who move to Wyoming and then want things changed to, "how we did it back home...".

    If things are going to get screwed up, it will either be in Jackson Hole or Cody, Wyoming. We should freeze all liberal immigration into Wyoming and deport the rest of the elitist maggots, such as this Krone, immediately.

  • Patrick Sperry 5 years ago

    Hell, I moved here to get away from "The way we did things back there."

  • Mark(AlphaWolf) 5 years ago

    The right of citizens to bear arms in defense of themselves and of the state shall not be denied. Art. I, § 24 Wyo Constitution (enacted 1889). Ok dimbulbs , sorry but your proposed ordinance is unconstitutional , thus unenforcable, besides , who says we trust the onlyones out therewith our protection when they or the most part are imported rom areas not inhabitable by honest people?

  • jrp1947 5 years ago

    If I remember some earlier articles by this author correctly and I may need to be corrected, didn't he say that many of the cops and politicians creating this problem in Wyoming are from out of state? That residents are not being allowed to vote on these issues. That voting on gun control is being restricted to elected officials? And where are the courts on these issues? When I bought land for a ranch in Colorado 20 years ago I asked where californians (I am from california) were moving and i went in the opposite direction because I wanted freedom and not a repeat of the screwed up job people have done in california. But beware of people moving to wyoming from New York as well. is it possible to put a minimum time of residency on someone before they can run for office or take a law enforcement job? Maybe have to live in Wyoming ten years before being able to run for any office and five years before being able to apply for law enofrcement positions. This might insure a better understanding of Wyoming. Just a thought.

  • InWyo? 5 years ago

    To hell with vote 'em out. Tar and feathers are the indicated treatment if you care to be selective.

  • Nicholas De Laat 5 years ago

    2nd Amendment issues are not 10th amendment issues, unlike many others. You cannot have a vote by the citizens for gun control, even if it is 99 vs. 1. At least, not if you call yourself a constitutionilist.
    As far as the local Cody Government, they do not have a right or cause to create this law. Citizens of Park County need to go to the next meeting and make sure their newly (are they all incumbents?, that would figure) elected officials do what is right constitutionally, and are working FOR their citizens not against them. Then they need to keep going. One way around the citizens that they will use against you is they will keep holding special sessions or elections until no-one finally cares or shows up. Then bam, it is passed. Don't let this happen.

  • Michael W. Dean 5 years ago

    So if this had passed, the only place you'd be able to even SEE a gun in Cody would be a museum or on the reenactor who plays Wild Bill and bugs tourists to take photos with him......

    Sounds like Massachusetts!
    While checking out the AMAZING Cody gun museum, I asked a guard "So....what kind of gun do you carry?"

    He said "Oh, they make me keep my gun in my truck. If someone tries to take one of these guns, I'm not going to try and stop him."

    Some guard.....


  • Michael W. Dean 5 years ago

    "Absolute, arbitrary power over the lives, liberty and property of freemen exists nowhere in a republic, not even in the largest majority."

    --Article 1, section 7, of the Wyoming state constitution

  • Patrick Sperry 5 years ago

    I left California in 1978 because it was becoming way to oppressive clear back then. Colorado became californicated, so I moved here.
    Wyoming needs to stand tall, and not allow these things to happen here. Nicholas described how they accomplish their nefarious goals to a tee!

  • Michael W. Dean 5 years ago


    If I haven't said it before or lately, I really appreciate what you do!

    Thank you!


  • Bearing arms 5 years ago

    Interesting, and hard to believe they'd think "public nuisance" could be the basis for denying a fundamental right of the people.

    When I got my carry license, I had the opportunity to ask the sheriff what he thought of the licenses, the system, or people carrying in general. He said "You guys provide a public service to the community. I have reservations on the need for a license, but the system seems to work pretty well." He's a Democrat, too. Nice.

  • Josh 5 years ago


  • Pam 5 years ago

    I spoke with Sam regarding some of the misinformation in this article. He could have answered it himself because I have not read all the comments, but in case he hasn't, here is what he said, and how he stands:


    "At a candidate forum this summer someone asked the question, "Would you support an amendment to the Wyoming Constitution that would prohibit the implementation of the new federal health program"? My answer was no, based on the legal basis that in order to fight Obamacare the arguments should be made based on the U.S. Constitution. I then went on to say that I was in favor of Wyoming joining other states in their lawsuits against Obamacare, that Obamacare was deeply flawed and that it would not improve cost or quality of health care. I still hold this position and was pleased to hear that Gov.-elect Mead says he intends to join the lawsuit.

    Attorney General Opinion

    I never asked for an attorney general opinion regarding regulating firearms at the Cody Recreation Center.

    Gun Control

    I am a strong supporter of 2nd Amendment rights and oppose gun control. Some of my most ardent and zealous supporters during the campaign were folks whose number one issue was protecting and expanding gun owners rights. I was endorsed by the NRA and given a AQ rating.

    Thank you for allowing me to set the record straight. "

    Sam Krone

  • Paul Bonneau 5 years ago

    According to the Cody Enterprise, Dec. 8, Krone offered an motion that the only people allowed to carry at the rec center would be those with concealed carry permits. The motion failed, whereupon the final vote allowing both open and concealed carry in the rec center was approved unanimously.

    So much for the utility of an AQ rating from NRA, the largest gun control organization in the country. Krone needs to reread the Wyoming Constitution. Principles and rights, the first things to be compromised away by our politicians.

    At least they finally got around to doing it right - after years of violating state law and the state and federal constitutions. Thank heavens for small favors.

  • Anonymous 5 years ago

    You know what was not said by anyone. The current Cody City Council had the nerve to stand up to intense public pressure from anti-gun people. They followed the consitution to the letter. They righted a wrong move created not by them but by a others. Some of these council members will not retain their council seats because of their vote. The city is reporting that rec center membership has dropped following the vote (of coarse the council is blamed). I get sick and tired that when ever a gun issue comes up you all jump on the band wagon with out even knowing were it's headed. You were all quick to comdemn the council and call them names. Now that they did the right thing WHERE IS THE PRAISE. You guys make me sick!

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