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City of Bridgeport Texas may discriminate against its customers in today's world


  • Fred 6 years ago

    I do not believe the Texas Public Utilities Commission regulates city-owned utility providers.

  • bucwheat 6 years ago

    julie was armed with false statements from a bunch of malcontents -- she has absolutely no concrete evidence of any kind to back up her statements regardless of what she says -- if she tells you anything different just ask to see it

  • Biff Tannen 6 years ago


  • Matt 6 years ago

    Municipal Electrical Providers, (like Bridgeport Power and Light) are not regulated or monitored by the TX Public Utilities Commission.

  • shannon 6 years ago

    Then who the hell does!?

  • Julie cortez 6 years ago

    If you want proof go speak to city hall , mayor or police chief or just ask to see records, it's public....

  • buckwheat 6 years ago

    property tax records are public -- utility bills are not -- julie still seems to have trouble being totally honest -- she still has no proof of anything

  • mike 6 years ago

    bridgeport is run by crooks. no they will not have high bills for city admin. they make the citizens pay the difference. la quinta not paying their bill, that's garbage!

  • buckwheat 6 years ago

    poor little mike

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