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City of Austin offers rebates for rainwater collection systems


With all the rain Austin has been getting lately, it’s a great time to consider installing a rainwater harvesting system. By collecting rainwater and using it for non-potable uses, such as watering your lawn or outdoor plants, you not only conserve a precious resource but also save on your water bill. And the city is making it easier by offering rebates on approved systems.

A harvesting system can be as simple as a collection barrel or as sophisticated as a full, pressurized system. The rebates offered by the city are available both on new systems and on existing systems where the homeowner is adding storage capacity. The rebates are not available on second-hand or self-made rain barrels, but Austin Water customers that install new systems or components can receive significant rebates based on system capacity.

Non-pressurized systems, such as rain barrels, receive a rebate of $0.50 per gallon. So, a 75-gallon barrel is eligible for a rebate of $37.50. Pressurized systems can receive rebates of $1 per gallon. Rebates are not to exceed 50 percent of system cost, and there’s a lifetime cap of $5,000 per site.

For systems less than 500 gallons, customers should purchase and install rain barrels then submit a rebate application and receipts within 30 days of purchase. For systems of 500 or more gallons, customers should submit rebate applications before purchasing and installing their systems.

For details about program and system requirements and applications, visit the Austin Water Utility Water Conservation website.

Photo by: kusine via a Creative Commons attribution license


  • Scott Muka 5 years ago

    Nice article and rain barrel program. I'm the Lexington, KY Home Improvement Examiner and wrote about the rain barrel program in Lexington. I linked your article at the end of mine, thinking that my readers would be interested in learning about the program in another city.

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