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City in Kansas drops ban on pit bulls

Pit bulls no longer banned in Bonner Springs
Pit bulls no longer banned in Bonner Springs
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Owners of pit bulls can breathe easier today after officials in Bonner Springs, Kan., decided that the breed is no longer banned, reported Tuesday's Fox 4 News.

The decision was reached on Monday by members of the town's city council and the new rule will officially go into effect tomorrow, Jan. 16.

One woman is credited with helping to convince the city council members to overturn the ban - her name is Debi Baker and she took up the cause after her own dog was seized and held at a Lawrence animal shelter because of his breed.

Baker's dog, Titan, was picked up last May; he was running loose at the time. Titan is a three-year-old Staffordshire terrier and officials held him because, by the old law, he was considered to be dangerous, even though he had done nothing behaviorally, to warrant the label.

Baker described her companion:

If you could meet Titan, if you could see him, of course he’s just one in a million,

He’s just the sweetest dog you’d ever come in contact with. Not violent. He grins, he actually grins. He’s just a normal family animal you want to have.

Titan is now back home with his guardian and thanks to that woman's efforts, other dogs like him will have the opportunity to remain with their own families as well.

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