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City GSA agree on moving San Ysidro pedestrian facility

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The San DIego city council, Tuesday, gave the GSA building easements to let a federal construction team into the border street one block west of Camino Camiones. GSA will construct a new pedestrian processing center at the street's south end.

COnstruction will take two years.

Two easements make the GSA constructn work possible. A permanent access easement. And, a temporary construction easement.

The City of San Diego agreed to let the GSA encroach into the south portion of the street ending on the U.S.-Mexico border one block west of the I-805 south exit at Camino Camiones, southside of Camino de la Playa, just east of the Las Americas mall.

Last Decemmber, the city agreed to the plan to transfer to the GSA the Camino Camiones pick up and drop off location pedestrians use a building to cross the border to Mexico. The Federal Highway ADministration, the GSA's funding agency for the project, agreed to the plan for the GSA to take the Camino Camiones location, and, build the new pedestrian processing facility to the west. Caltrans and SADAG signed onto the agreement.

The GSA plans to condemn the current facility.

Travelers traveling to and from the border by bus, taxi, and car will use the new facility to cross the border after construction is done. The project is part of the San Ysidro Land POE Pedestrian Border Crossing Project.

The GSA will maintain the new facility.

Federal work reconfiguring and expanding the San Ysidro port of entry will last through 2014. Future work at the border crossing will realign I-5 south, and, end the widened freeway at El Chaparral, on the MExico side of the border, across from the new U. S. pedestrian crossing location.

THis is a Center Line Policy Alert.