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City employees to earn 2014-15 pay

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The Mayor's and City Councilmembers' salaries for the 2014-15 budget year stay gainful. City councilmembers, this week, gave the official approval on the pay the city officers, and city employees, will earn serving San Diego citizens during the year starting July 1st.

The salary for work Mayor Kevin Faulconer will earn during the fiscal year is 100,464 dollars. City Councilmembers will earn 75,386 dollars.

City Attorney Jan Goldsmith can claim his 193,648 dollars for the year.

The council passes the salary ordinance each April as part of their budget work.

All three city officers, and the City COO, also have an allowance they can use to pay for the costs of using their own car for work. This year's allowance is 800 dollars.

City employees at all the pay steps begin earning the new pay on July 1st. An Account Clerk will earn 15.14 dollars an hour.

Union members who belong to the six city employee unions will support their failies using the pay agreed to in the MOUs that last into 2018.

San Diegans can pick up a copy of the pay schedule at the City Clerk's office at 202 C Street onthe 2nd floor.

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