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City council overrides Mayor's min wage veto

Councilman Todd Gloria leads council majority Democrats on saving local workers' new min wage from Mayor Faulconer's veto. City Hall. August 18, 2014.
Councilman Todd Gloria leads council majority Democrats on saving local workers' new min wage from Mayor Faulconer's veto. City Hall. August 18, 2014.
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The six Democrats on the city council outvoted the Mayor today to go ahead on the minimum wage increase to 11.50 dollars an hour. All six votes were needed to override Faulconer's August 8th veto that would have repealed the council's minimum wage ordinance.

Councilman Todd Gloria, at the City Hall hearing labor union members took the podium to talk about hard economic times in San DIego, and support the new minimum wage, led the council's move ahead on the new minimum wage that guaranteed a living wage for San Diego's "hard working" workers. A count of local workers earning the minimum wage UFCW union grocery workers counted up to over 200,000 workers. The union called the override vote "a victory" for these workers.

Sixty percent the workers in the food services industry, and half the people working part-time at 35 hours a week or less, will experience a steady increase in their wages. The workers Councilman Gloria expects will spend the additional 1,400 dollars a year on food, shelter, and clothing are not mostly young inexperienced workers working entry level jobs in San Diego's workforce. Eighty five percent are age 20 to 55 years old. Only 5 percent the city's minimum wage workers are teenagers.

Mayor Faulconer will till stand his position against a minimum wage increase he says is costly to San Diego's small buinesses that employ hard working low wage workers who support families. After his August 8th veto, the Mayor told the city to expect a referendum effort to repeal the ordinance following a council override vote. A municipal law that also guarantees workers earn 5 days sick leave a year.

He counts on support on stopping the inimum wage increase from "across the spectrum" of San Diego families. Depending on them to have heard his message on "doing everything" to give local workers opportunities to get to take a job that is a "ladder to success," and, keep the city competitive.

Faulconer already prepared for the city's small business growth to hit hard times during the recovery. Telling San DIegans cut backs on hours and worker layoffs will be necessary in a city small business market that competes with restaurants in Poway and stores in Chula Vista that do not pay workers a local minimum wage.

San Diego low wage workers get ready to work, and take minimum wage jobs that open up, and earn one of the highest minimum wages in the nation.

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