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City council lines up funds for 2014-15 work year

The San Diego city council gives city workers the money to do the year's work.
The San Diego city council gives city workers the money to do the year's work.
Adam Benjamin

The city council, Monday, finished settling the money amounts the CFO will use to fund city work done by the city offices and departments during the 2014-15 fiscal year. There is enough money in the city budget to fund steady, or, incresaed work.

Mayor Kevin Faulconer works into his first full year counting on having extra money in hand to fund his office's work on the OneSD plan. The CFO will fill his office's salary and wages account with 2,237,465 dollars for the year, and, send over another 1,774,912 dollar piece of the budget to fund OneSD work that supports his office.

The appropriations ordinance passed each year also lines up the salary and wage funding at the City Clerk's office, and, the City Attorney's office, a big staff office.

Each of the nine City Council District offices gets its own funding.

2014-15 is a big year for city employees working at the city's libraries. The ordinance the council first passed a week ago in July, before Monday's second vote, guarantees library employees can earn 18,379,822 dollars in salaries and wages.

Transportation and storm water work the Mayor's office planned across the city will keep street and drainage workers busy. City employes can count on earning up to 24,790,803 dollars doing transportation and stormwater work. There is enough work on bridges, traffic signals, and freeways and watersheds this year to keep projects going all year.

THe year's ordinance also guarantees city employees can use fleet vehicles the CFO gives the cty the money to operate and, when necessary, replace.

Work on streets projects and mobility projects, again, can move ahead funded by the taxpayer dollars spent on the TransNet sales tax. The city has 12,527,089 dollars in TransNet funds to pay for improvements made to the transportation system the city owns.

The busy work year is a time to invest in new and improved lifeguard stations and fire stations. 8,725,000 dollars in the year's appropriations settled work plans in several communities.

Citywide, the city's work plans have stabilized. SDG&E's work on utilities undergrounding can move ahead at the planned pace. During fiscal year 2014-15, funding stays steady.

THis is a Center Line Policy Alert.