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'City By The Sea' true story of Vincent and Joey Lamarca

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"City By The Sea" is a true-story crime drama loosely based on the true story of Vincent Lamarca and his son Joey Lamarca. The movie premiered in theaters in 2002 with an all-star case including; Robert De Niro, Frances McDormand and James Franco. "City By The Sea" is based on the 1997 article "Mark Of A Murderer" by Mike McAlary. Some of the real names were changed in the film.

"City By The Sea" synopsis/plot

After the brutal killing of a New York City cop in Long Beach, Lt. Vincent Lamarca makes it his mission to find the killer. As the case warms up, LT. LaMarca's own son Joey is implicated in the crime. But, when this police officer's son assures his him that he didn't do it, Lt. Lemarca is faced with going up against his own police precinct to prove his son innocent, according to the Washington Post.

The true story is based on an article that first appeared in Esquire magazine. The model character for the film is based on the true story of ex NYC police officer Vincent LaMarca and his son Joey LaMarca.

The real Joey Lamarca was sentenced to time in prison.

The movie now airs on the cable network.

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