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Citrus Heights Water District sends out conservation letters

2014 California Drought concerns
2014 California Drought concerns
Photo by David McNew/Getty Images

The ongoing California drought has been addressed by the Citrus Heights Water District with a recent February mailer (Winter 2014, Volume 23, Newsletter 1) urging water conservation. The current stage of conservation is set at Stage 3 and includes reducing water usage by 20%. A list of Water Warning Mandatory Requirements has been delivered to CHWD users and notes eleven steps that must be followed.

The Stage 3 enforcement includes some of the following restrictions. Free-flowing hoses for all uses are prohibited. In other words," automatic shut-off devices must be attached to any hose or filling apparatus in use." The purpose of this requirement is to prevent water from needlessly going to waste before and after its specific use intent. If you are watering a plant and spilling water across your own walk, driveway or other nonessential areas, you are not only violating the restrictions but being a careless water hog.

Water must stay on each customer's property and not be allowed to run off to adjoining properties or to the roadside ditch or gutter. Those who neglected this common sense approach for water usage in the past will now face possible filing of reports from peeved neighbors who are doing their part to conserve. At no time, whether a drought has been declared or not, would any reasonable, conscientious person let water run off in this manner. The installation of water meters where previous flat fees only were in use has served, in part, to curb reckless water use. Hopefully the ongoing news reports, water district mailers and other conservation messages will prompt water wasters to get smart.

CHWD has recently refrained from drawing from its usual water source of Folsom Lake which is in extreme distress. They are now utilizing their five wells and even considering pushing some of that water to the San Juan Water District. The current Stage 3 alert is in a short-term but can easily cycle into a long-term requirement with stricter requirements and possible penalties. Patrols are not currently monitoring water patrons but individual complaints will be noticed and reviewed for possible serving of citations.

Washing streets, parking lots, driveways, sidewalks or buildings is not allowed unless it is necessary for health or sanitary purposes. Water conservation is supported by getting out your broom. Water leakage due to leaking sprinklers or pipe lines must be repaired within two days or sooner and all pool, spa and fountains must be leak free and equipped with recirculation pumps.

The current CHWD Stage 3 is generally a guideline but violating those guidelines makes you irresponsible and selfish and can also lead to greater repercussions. You can find out more about water conservation and the CHWD Stage 3 implementations at their website here.

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