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Citrus fruit of fall inspires makeup color for spring 2011

Orange gloss and lip stick
Orange gloss and lip stick

Fall has past, but one of its colors is here to stay. Following the runway preview shows for the 2011 spring fashion collections, two things that hit every runway from New York to Paris were lips in shades of orange and neutral colored Smokey eyes. Although orange sounds a bit bright for most, there are ways to get away with the vibrant color. Many companies are making a sheer orange gloss that adds only a subtle hint of color, but tons of shine. For those who are brave enough to rock it, almost every cosmetic manufacturer is also making at least one shade of bright orange lip stick. After trying out the gloss and the lip stick we found that orange is more versatile than we thought.

Here are a few suggestions for wearing orange from day to night:

For a casual day look, go ahead and skip the lip liner and simply brush a nice layer of orange lip gloss over your lips and your good to go.

Bring your orange fever to dinner with a long lasting lip stick in your favorite shade of orange, apply to the lips, next use a matching lip liner to smooth the lines around your lips, blend the liner into your lips stick well.

If your heading out on the town try combining all three, apply your lip stick, then follow with lip liner, and last apply your orange gloss to the centers of both the top and bottom lips to highlight the lush center of your pout.

Dont mix the vibrant orange lip stick look with a smokey eye, keep the focus on either the lips or the mouth, keep in mind however if you find a sheer orange gloss you can rock the gloss with the smokey eye. For a smokey eye: Line all the way around your eyes with a chocolate brown Khol eye liner and smudge the lin to softn the effect. Next line your inner rim with a navy blue Khol eye liner, curl your lashes, add mascara and your done.

These two spring looks are simple and will keep you cebter of attention all season long.


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