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Citrus beauty by Bubzbeauty, scar fading, acne reducing, brightening DIY Mask

Add a little zest to your beauty routine, citrus fruits-oranges, lemons, limes and grapefruit on one way to boost your potassium and folate intake. Fresh, delicious citrus fruits rich in flavonoids/antioxidants that combat and neutralize free radicals, help control binge eating, and lowers bad cholesterol but it’s good for your skin too. Bubzbeauty is back with a video chalk full of citrus healthy advice for the health skin questions I get the most of, acne, scars and brighter skin.

Citrus beauty by Bubzbeauty, scar fading, acne reducing, brightening DIY Mask

Citrus fruits and even tomatoes are required for synthesis of collagen, and have a history for curing scurvy. Scurvy symptoms begin with malaise and lethargy from sailors stuck on ships over long voyages. After one to three months they experienced, shortness of breadth, bone pain, poor wound healing, easy bruising, advances to spots on the skin, bleeding gums, paleness and partial immobilization, and in some instances death from vitamin deficiency. Long days at sea only subsisting on meat and grains is a poor diet and one lacking fresh fruits and vegetables. The kakadu plum is the highest fruit vitamin C 3,000 mg..

Bell peppers, blackcurrants, strawberries, guava and kiwi are citrus-y fruits high in vitamin C. Citurs improves the blood flow through the coronary artery way to the heart and may even prevent heart disease, by also preventing the oxidation of bad cholesterol the first step in forming artery plaque. Some animal liver, whale skin, oysters and the adrenal medulla are high in vitamin C because some animals produce an enzyme that forties vitamin C production.

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