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Citizens in Rutherford County NC demanding reform of County Animal Control

Peanut, 10 month old puppy euthanized
Peanut, 10 month old puppy euthanized
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According to Webster's Dictionary, the term euthansia is defined as "the act of causing death painlessly so as to end suffering." It does not mean to kill a person or an animal simply because they are unwanted, have no family or there is no room for them. So why are animals dying in shelters daily under this term?

Recently, Rutherford County Animal Control in North Carolina has been the subject of allegations accusing them of killing perfectly healthy pets that could have been adopted or had credited rescues willing to take them in.

According to insiders many of these dogs and cats had rescues and adoption requests that were ignored and not followed through on by the staff members. Many had their phone calls unanswered and when they finally did get through to someone they learned to their horror that the would-be pet they fell in love with was put to "sleep". Why? Many of the Rutherford County volunteers who interacted with the dogs and cats found them to be sweet, friendly, well behaved and full of life. They were shocked and disturbed to find these same animals had been euthanized. Why? There was no need to kill them, they were not suffering and had been deemed adoptable.

According to those voicing these accusations this has been an ongoing problem at this particular shelter and countless animals have died unecessarily and with total impunity by the staff member in charge. These people are paid to protect and keep the animals safe until they find a home. If you have no compassion or caring for the animals in your shelter then you do not need to be in this position. Animals are being killed daily without being given a chance.

One recent case bringing negative evidence against Rutherford County Animal Control involved a small Terrier named Peanut that was killed for growling at her cell mate because she was scared of him. Little Peanut was an owner surrender and would have easily been adopted for the mere price of $10.00. But dear Peanut never even had a chance to be properly advertised for adoption or rescue. She was put to death for growling. The two people who were interested in adopting her found out when calling Rutherford County that Peanut was killed. They were stunned. This was a 10 month old puppy that was in an unfamiliar place and most likely terrified. The shelter immediately deemed Peanut dangerous and decided to be her judge and executioner.

According to an insider this was the second dog killed in 2 weeks that had a home to go to. Many citizens in Rutherford County are up in arms over this killing of perfectly adoptable pets at their shelter. They have started a petition and are urging other local citizens to call the local Sheriff as well as the County Commissioners. They are demanding shelter reform and to have a better, safer, more ethical policy and procedures for the animals housed there and the killing of adoptable dogs and cats to stop.

If you love animals and you want to participate in saving lives please sign the below petition:

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