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Citizens, protect your borders; the government won't.

As we face torrents of illegals crossing our borders looking to be “taken care of” and granted all the benefits of full citizenship just because they are here, it is obvious that this extreme influx of illegal immigrants is taking a toll on our Border Patrol Agents. It is a tough enough job for them to do without a secure fence to line our borders, but having to deal with a sudden and on-going surge or illegals coming across our borders puts them in an extremely difficult position.

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We are aware, hopefully, that our border agents are under a lot of stress trying to deal with this crisis, but are we aware of how deep the crises is getting?

How are our Border Patrol Agents supposed to even try to keep our borders safe, when they are limited to the amount of ammo to use for the guns they are issued? How is that going to protect our border agents or our borders? Without ample ammo for the guns that are issued to them only increases the dangers for them and our citizens in our border states and according to the video included with this article, they won’t be issued any ammo until October of 2015. So if they run out of ammo before then, that’s it?
If our border agents are to do their job properly, why are they given restrictions as to what they can do and how much ammo they can have at any given time?

An article at Freedom Outpost reveals that one Border Patrol Agent and spokesman for the National Border Patrol Council for the Laredo, Texas area, Hector Garza, has ignored a gag order and reveals in an appearance on CNN that the Obama administration has been planning for this influx of illegals and the smuggling of drugs and weapons across our borders.
He says that it has been pretty much orchestrated by the drug cartels and the current administration with the DHS actually soliciting escorts for 65,000 illegal immigrant children to cross our borders. So, if you think this wasn’t planned well ahead of time; think again.

Garza stated that even with the “humanitarian crisis” that he calls a “border security crises,” nearly 70% of our border agents are being reassigned for processing duties.

So explain to this writer exactly how 30% of our border agents are going to be able to actually patrol our borders and keep drugs, weapons and criminals from crossing our borders? We don’t have enough agents to begin with to secure our borders and now we are going to have only 30% of them working the border and trying to keep illegals from crossing?

He further stated that when a smuggler hands over children and families to the agents, all they do is get their information, give them a piece of paper and ask them to report back to an immigration hearing. No requirements; just report using the honor system. Well, do you honestly thing that means anything to them?

What happens is that these illegal immigrants are released into our country and do you think any of them will follow those instructions and report back to an immigration hearing? Hmm, I don't think so! So now we have all kinds of illegals crossing our borders, including criminals who try not to look like it, violent gang members who wear their identifying tattoos proudly, adults and children with heaven only know what kinds of diseases to spread around, and people who are just waiting for hand outs from our government. Who knows how many terrorists are interspersed with these illegals? Of course we should feel completely safe with all of these illegals hanging around, right? Do you?

Garza went on to say that a mother who comes across the border with 3-5 children is not likely to be looking for work but will be depending on our welfare system to sustain them. Of course, that would come at the expense of American tax payers.

His view of the matter is that we must deal with the criminal activity at our borders and exercise justice. This writer stands in full agreement with him. We must stand up to those who hold our laws at bay and treat them as either unimportant or insignificant and not worth adhering to and hold them accountable for their ruthless actions or their voluntary non-actions in securing our borders.

Many of these illegals are being sent to cities all over the country, unannounced and people are expected to take care of them. Some of them are carrying diseases and can infect us and our children. Nothing is being done to protect us against that either.

There was a post today on Facebook saying that Texas Rangers are headed to our borders to help secure it and there is also a Border Convoy set to roll from City Hall in Murrieta, CA on August 1 along the southern border and concluding 1,500 miles later on August 7 in McAllen, Texas.

The purpose of the August 1 event is to draw attention to the ever-worsening crisis at our southwest border. Anyone interested in participating in any way, can contact Border Convoy on their website and either register to join it or donate to the cause. It is up to the American citizens to secure our borders and protect our country. Our government has proven time and time again, they won’t do it.