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Citizens movement seeks to draft Ben Carson for president

They are seeking to collect more than one million signature on a petition to draft Dr. Ben Carson to run for president in 2016. Carson said he would consider becoming a candidate if citizens were “clamoring” for him to run for president. The National Draft Ben Carson for President Committee is collecting signatures at the website

Citizens draft Dr. Ben Carson to run for president.

This movement to draft Ben Carson, whose national chairman is John Philip Sousa IV, the great grandson of John Philip Sousa, the composer of Stars and Stripes Forever, has more than 200,000 signatures and is well on their way toward the goal of one million.

In a email letter being sent by the Committee, Sousa offers the following five reasons for drafting Ben Carson to run for president in 2016:

He is the only candidate that makes it mathematically impossible for Hillary Clinton to win!

He is the only candidate who, like Ronald Reagan, can explain the fallacy of liberal schemes in terms the average American can understand.

He is the only candidate who can heal and unite America.

He is the only candidate who is a citizen statesman, the type of candidate who our Founders envisioned would lead our nation.

He is the one candidate who you can trust to stick to his conservative values, and to govern according to the United States Constitution.

Sousa believes that Carson can obtain a strong percentage of the African-American vote in a general election campaign against the Democrats, citing polls showing Hermain Cain with strong support from African-American voters in 2012. Sousa believes Carson has stronger support in the African-American community than Cain did.

In that letter, Sousa wrote, “If a Republican candidate for President receives just 17% of the black vote, Hillary Clinton loses every single swing state. Did you know that in 2012 Presidential candidate Herman Cain was polling more than 40% of the black vote? Herman Cain was liked by the black community, but Dr. Ben Carson is a revered figure in the African American community.”

The Committee's petition reads are follows:

You said that if the American people were still "clamoring" for you to run for President, you would seriously consider doing so. Well, I'm clamoring for you to run for President of the United States. We need a citizen statesman to lead our nation, not just politicians who see public office as a career.

As you have said, five Doctors signed the Declaration of Independence and played instrumental roles in leading our nation at great risk to themselves and their families. Today, America needs a President who is committed to the U.S. Constitution, who has solutions for our debt crisis, and who will bring harmony to our nation.

I believe you are that person. Please become a candidate for President of The United States.You can count on my support and prayers.

As of today, more than 200,000 have signed the petition to urge Dr. Ben Carson to run for president. After recent straw poll in New Hampshire, slammed in this blog entry by the far left, shows Carson getting 43 percent support from New Hampshire Republicans. If he chooses to run for president, Ben Carson could be the strongest citizen-turned candidate to run for president in our lifetimes, and the best bet we've ever seen to elect a non-politician as president.

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