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Citizens ask countless questions, but get few answers

Washington, D.C.
Washington, D.C.
Rachel Cooper

Government scandals continue to be reported in the news.

Amazingly, the result is always the same: 'No accountability.'

Earlier this week, Texas Senator Ted Cruz submitted a list of five questions, and he suggested that President Obama should answer the questions at the upcoming State of the Union Address.

“Americans all over the nation are asking questions about the economy, Obamacare, the IRS, Benghazi, and the NSA that aren’t being answered. However, as the President prepares his State of the Union address, he has signaled he has no intention of clearing the air,” stated Sen. Cruz, according to the article, Cruz: President should hold his Administration accountable to the American people. “The lack of accountability in Washington is creating a crisis of confidence in this country, and under President Obama, trust in government is approaching record lows. It no longer seems like Washington is protecting America. Washington is protecting Washington."

Senator Cruz described his concern for citizens by stating, "These are the questions I hear when I’m home in Texas, and these are the questions the President should answer in order to restore credibility with the people. The State of the Union will be stronger for it.”

Cruz lists his questions, along with his reason for asking each one, as follows:

1. Will the President allow the Department of Justice to appoint a special prosecutor to fully investigate the IRS’s illegal targeting of conservatives? The President should be eager to prove he has clean hands on this issue. He professed to be angry and outraged by the IRS abuse. Will he pledge to stop new IRS rules that restrict the free speech of non-profit groups?

2. Will the President act to ensure that the privacy of law-abiding citizens is protected from unjustifiable violations by arms of the federal government such as the NSA, Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, Internal Revenue Service, and Department of Health and Human Services.

3. Will the President recognize that his economic policies have failed to create the millions of jobs that he promised and have, instead, reduced the labor force participation rate to its lowest level in decades? Will he commit to commonsense, job-creating policies such as the immediate authorization of the Keystone Pipeline, a moratorium on new regulations, and fundamental tax reform for every American?

4. Will the President call on Congress to form a Joint Select Committee to finally discover the truth of why four Americans perished in a preventable terrorist attack in Benghazi 16 months ago?

5. Will the President finally recognize that it was a mistake to ram through Obamacare on a party-line vote and that it is — right now — hurting millions of Americans? Will he take real responsibility for misleading the American people when he falsely promised “if you like your health care plan, you can keep your health care plan” and “if you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor”? Will he acknowledge that he doesn’t have the power to unilaterally rewrite the health law for powerful favored interests such as big business and Congress? And will he finally work with Congress to repeal Obamacare and start over, adopting instead reforms that will make healthcare more personal, portable, and affordable?

The State of the Union Address is scheduled for Tuesday, January 28, 2014.

Among other concerns of citizens who are apprehensive about the direction of their country are delays in scheduling hearings for questions regarding concealed records of Obama.

In a recent response to US Attorney of Maryland Allen F. Loucks' Motion for Extension of Time in the case, Taitz vs Colvin 13-cv-1878, Attorney Orly Taitz stressed the needs of U.S. citizens for a timely answer. Regarding allegiance to our country, Taitz stated, " . . . this nation cannot wait any longer . . . . . we are seeing Mr. Obama making decisions that endanger the U.S. National security, such as recent agreements with Iran, which allow Iran to enrich uranium, build ballistics weapons and ultimately develop nuclear weapons, Mr. Obama’s support of Muslim brotherhood leader in Egypt, furtherance of TPP and TAFTA, 10 million Americans dropping out of labor force during the last 5 years and 6,6 million dropping below the poverty line in the same 5 years while the National debt nearly doubled."

Will Obama answer the many questions and concerns of American citizens at the State of the Union Address?

Writer Peggy Noonan believes that people will not even be listening. Rather, she suggests that many will more likely be 'sleeping.'

Peggy Noonan states in her Wall Street Journal article, Noonan: The Sleepiness of a Hollow Legend, that "No one's really listening to the president now." Referring to Obama's speeches, Noonan says, "No one's really listening to the president now. He has been for five years a nonstop wind-up talk machine. Most of it has been facile, bland, the same rounded words and rounded sentiments, the same soft accusations and excuses."

Noonan summarizes, "The bigger problem is that the president stands up there Tuesday night with ObamaCare not a hazy promise but a fact . . . . . . . . . And—as we all know now but did not last year—the program was passed only with the aid of a giant lie. Now everyone knows if you liked your plan, your doctor, your deductible, you can't keep them."

Describing the upcoming State of the Union, Noonan visualizes, "I see a handsome, dignified man standing at the podium and behind him Joe Biden, sleeping. And next to him John Boehner, snoring. And arrayed before the president the members, napping."

Americans continue to suffer, worry and search for answers.

Should citizens expect the annual 'State of the Union Address by the U.S. President' to address their questions?

Or will the President tell us, as Peggy Noonan suggested, "It's hard to anticipate events over the next three years . . . . . . . "

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