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Citizen’s jobs being given to Illegal aliens

Illegal Aliens arrested in Murrieta, CA
Illegal Aliens arrested in Murrieta, CA
Photo by David McNew/Getty Images

Our President Obama is and will be responsible for the millions of Americans that are on the street that lost their job to one of the millions of illegals he’s brought into this country. Obama’s legacy may be that of the “Johnny Appleseed” that spread illegals all over the country and spreading disease. Unemployment is still extremely high in Arizona especially in construction where so many jobs are stolen. Political Correctness is reserved for Obama, his cronies and the liberals that continue to rein havoc on America. On a side note propping up the stock market with more debt isn’t a healthy economy it’s stealing the value of American’s hard earned savings.

Besides stealing jobs the illegals being brought into this country is a backhanded way of bringing in Democrat voters. We need new laws wherein only those that have worked and are paying taxes are allowed to vote. Voter ID must be required as it is criminal negligence not to have ID; banks require it to cash a check and to apply for most jobs you have to provide two forms of photo ID. It’s much more important to provide proper ID for the very right to vote. The Obama administration hides their voter crimes under “racial profiling” and commits voter fraud across the nation in most every election.

The media led everyone to believe that all the thousands of aliens crossing the border were children. Now the press has been caught in a lie as the mothers and soon fathers and more are revealed. California protested the dumping of illegals this week. This illegal alien deception by the administration is just like the false claims that unemployment is low. No, they failed to count the millions that have given up their search, disappeared on the streets, or retired because they couldn’t find a job in their field after years of service but this administration’s failures took their job away.

Take a stand if you agree with this by contacting your representatives and have them vote against amnesty which is what the current immigration reform bills are which will add 12 million illegals as registered voters and able to take your job.