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Citizen mocks 'loaded carry' ban ordinance during town hall meeting in Oregon

A video has gone viral of a resident mocking two proposed gun control ordinances during a town hall meeting in Ashland, Oregon with his own brand of satire.

'Gun Free School Zone' sign

As reported at the IJReview Sunday, the citizen

"made a brilliant mockery of the City Council’s predilection to outlaw guns by taking such reactions to their logical extremes in order to show how ridiculous these laws are."

Town officials are considering an ordinance brought forth by Councilor Carol Voisin on behalf of the elusive "Citizens for a Safe Ashland," who launched an online petition to fight for the ordinance. The law would prohibit citizens from carrying loaded guns in public places, including in vehicles. The ordinance was modeled after similar ordinances passed throughout Oregon.

As reported at the Daily Tidings last month, "Citizens for a Safe Ashland" also wants "to make it illegal for a person to fail to prevent access by a minor to a loaded or unloaded firearm without the permission of the gun owner and the minor's parent or a guardian."

The local NBC affiliate quoted Councilor Voisin as saying,

"A lot of things can happen around firearms, and I think the more we can do to protect our children the better off we are going to be. To me that's why it's important. It's about the children, and it's about public safety."

But as the text of the YouTube video, created by Rogue Valley Television points out, Voisin also said, "I know there are statistics out there but I didn't look them up."

Many of the signatories seem to be from out of state, and the comments on the petition are revealing.

For example, Robert Carter wrote,

"Guns are unnecessary for personal use. We ought to go to the constitution where 'a well regulated militia' oversees the guns that people have. Not crazy people who think they can do whatever they want."

Doug Burns wrote, "At a rally for Occupy a young man showed up with a loaded gun. Not appropriate and threatening." Tonya Hardman Ruff wrote, "I'm a [sic] strongly against people owning firearms unless they are in law enforcement, military, etc."

A report from Oregon Public Radio earlier this month points to Dave Herring and "a group of friends" who started the organization.

The author writes in part,

"Dave Herring acknowledges Ashland hasn’t had much of a problem with gun violence. And he’ll admit his groups’ proposal could be seen as largely symbolic."

One citizen took a unique approach to illustrate his objection to the ordinance by touting his own organization, "Citizens for a Really Safe Ashland," at a town hall meeting last week as reported by Tom Tillison of BizPacReview Sunday.

During his testimony, and with a straight face, the gentleman said that his group intends to

“capitalize on the desire to act in a timely manner, or even in a knee-jerk, expedited manner, to introduce a comprehensive public safety ordinance that, while perhaps not actually addressing any genuine or legitimate issues, does serve to promote a divisive and partisan agenda.”

At the time of this writing, the video has received over 100,000 views.

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