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Cities and states take immigration matters into their own hands

Border patrol patrols for illegals
Border patrol patrols for illegals
Photo by John Moore/Getty Images

Many city and state governments have begun passing their own rules regarding immigration this week, as congress continues to play politics with the issue. Democrats continue to push for amnesty for aliens, while republicans continue to push for increased penalties for aliens. Meanwhile, millions of citizens and immigrants’ lives and livelihoods hang in the balance while those in Washington scramble to find the best soundbite.

Some municipalities, such as Denver and Los Angeles, have started implementing plans to house the thousands of immigrants who have been pouring across the border, with mixed reactions. We told you last week how Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti was heavily criticized for his plans to house immigrants while leaving American homeless people on the streets. Denver has also taken some criticism, though mostly on financial grounds.

It’s not just cities that are feeling the crunch either. Arizona has long been a hotbed of controversy for its draconian rules regarding immigration. They may have little choice, however, as they receive more illegal immigrants than nearly any other state. It seems to be the only place where democrats and republicans are actually working together to resolve the complicated issue.

The root of the problem has been a federal law, signed in 2008 by President George W Bush, that was aimed at preventing child trafficking and exploitation by offering faster processing to minors from certain countries, including Mexico. President Obama has also made several moves that have exacerbated the problem rather than helping it.

Out here in the real world, however, real people have real problems. Illegal aliens come to the United States to escape violence in countries like Mexico and Honduras, or simply to find work. But they also bring higher levels of crime and strains on government programs.

Nevermind the issues that come along with a large foreign population with a different language and different cultural mores. Many are divided on the issue on these grounds alone, with many Americans demanding that immigrants assimilate fully and that English be a mandated official language. It seems unlikely that an official language will ever be a reality in this country, despite xenophobes who don’t want to press an extra key when calling customer service.

It seems almost certain why the democrats favor amnesty and the republicans want to deport them all: illegal immigrants lean toward the democrat party by a wide margin.

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