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Cirque du Soleil - Varekai a nice date in Atlantic City

The Board walk Hall wasn't as well attended as it should be for such an amazing show. Maybe people can't afford good shows when we have to pay exorbitant taxes.
The Board walk Hall wasn't as well attended as it should be for such an amazing show. Maybe people can't afford good shows when we have to pay exorbitant taxes.
Dr. Robert

Once you have met your Internet date for coffee, what's next?

If you want different things to do on a date, consider going to the Playground of the World (that’s what they used to call Atlantic City). There are so many things to do and you may even be in for a few surprises.

Here is an example of how a date can go in Atlantic City if you just makes some plans.

The Cirque show was amazing as they usually are. A combination of music, dance, weird sounds weirder costumes and funny creatures lurk everywhere. This show lasted around two hours with a twenty minute intermission so it felt like a full evening of entertainment. Probably the best part of the Cirque shows is the most incredible feats of balance, strength and intrigue. It seems that they find the most talented performers who can do things that keep us on the edge of our seats. The talent is international and hail from many different countries.

The show was held at the Boardwalk Hall. The sad part of the show was that there were way too many empty seats. Is this because few people can afford to pay for shows since we are already paying for poor government who tax us to the point of making entertainment something limited to television at home?

They really should do something to help fill those seats. Perhaps contact Internet dating sites and offer them a block of seats for singles to mingle during the intermission. Give unsold tickets away to the elderly and the poor (that’s all of us paying those exorbitant taxes). If they could pack in a few thousand more people at least they would get thirsty and hungry and improve the take at the concession stands where a beer is $10.00 – yikes! Well, it’s not up to your friendly dating adviser to help them increase their profits. However, if the people don’t support the various venues, they could go away.

There is a possible alternative reason for the not-stellar turnout. The name of the show may have been the culprit. Cirque Du Soleil is just fine, but they added Varekai. What prey tell is a varekai? From a medical point of view it sounds very much like verruca – a name for the common wart. Well, that could be the problem. Who wants to see a show about warts? Not me. Actually, varekai means “wherever” in the Romani language. Now I feel better.

After the show, we had a special surprise. We walked onto the boardwalk and heard a band doing their set. They called themselves The Slippery Band, and were they awesome. After their set, yet another surprise. The world famous light show projected upon the wall of the Boardwalk Hall began and lasted around ten minutes. This is a must see event. So now for the price of one admission, we saw Cirque, heard a great band and enjoyed a most fascinating light show to make for one great evening.

Sometimes dating is all about showing your originality. Taking someone to a cool event like Cirque does it much better than telling your girl you’d like to take her to a sporting event. In Atlantic City we have world class shows, events, concerts, gambling venues, fabulous shopping and activities to keep your dating calendar full all year long. You don’t have to go to NYC or Las Vegas to have a great time. DO AC it has it all.

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