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Ciroc Summer School of Mixology: Making refreshing cocktails for summer

Gift bags given to guests at The 2nd annual 'CÎROC Summer School of Mixology’
Gift bags given to guests at The 2nd annual 'CÎROC Summer School of Mixology’
Brian Lindensmith

The 2nd annual 'CÎROC Summer School of Mixology’ was held on May 21st at The Phoenix bar in Beverly Hills. Located on La Cienega Blvd, the trendy venue matched perfectly with the ambiance of the event.

CÎROC and EMC|BOWERY invited guests to learn how to make delicious summer cocktails and learn from master ciroc mixologists.

The event began with all guests taking a class photo to emulate a true summer school class.

Guest then got a choice to venture to one of three different drink stations to learn first hand how to make including the 'New Summer Trend' CÎROC Sangrias and the refreshing ‘Coco Light Martini’. Infused with coconut water, the ‘Coco Light Martini’ will ensure one stays hydrated while enjoying the drink in the summer sun.

Guests were served appetizers that matched well with the cocktails in between transitioning to the different drink stations.

As the event concluded, guests were given a bag filled with equipment to make all the drinks in the convenience of their own home.

For more information about Ciroc Summer School of Mixology and ciroc cocktail recipes, please see link below.!/mixology-cocktails

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