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Circus offers many opportunities for early learning

Have you ever thought about taking your child to the circus to learn a concept or skill? A trip to the circus provides opportunities for many facets of early learning. Some positive influences that watching a circus performance offer to early learning are patience while watching a highly skilled circus performer complete his act and seeing team skills in action when several circus performers work together in one of the circus acts.

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Physical skills such as eye-hand coordination, balance, and cardio fitness are all skills that participating in learning a variety of skills that circus performers use. Early education social skills such as teamwork and group participation are important to a child's social development. Self-confidence and self-esteem all develop when children master a skill that a circus performer uses in a show.

The Circus Arts Conservatory in Sarasota is a part of the community that supports the long history of Sarasota's relationship with the Ringling Circus. A unique summer camp experience for children will be offered by the Conservatory this summer, and will give children the opportunity to learn some of the fun skills that circus performers must master. Circus arts disciplines and new skills using the trapese, globes, and juggling are just a few of the activities to be learned during these summer camp experiences. Children will alo participate in a performance complete with costumes while at camp.

Registration is now open for summer camp experiences at the Conservatory. Parents may call 941-355-9335 for registration information. You may also log on at for information about the Conservatory.

Try the circus this summer for early learning skills.

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