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Circus elephants escape in Missouri

Some circus-goers in St. Charles, Mo., got an up-close experience with three elephants that broke loose on Saturday. According to a March 23 story, the elephants escaped during the last day of the Moolah Shriner's Circus at the St. Charles Family Arena.

Circus-goers got up close with the elephants!
Photo by Ruben Salgado/Getty Images

Witnesses said the elephants were stomping through the parking lot, linked trunk to tail, in familiar elephant fashion. Some vehicles were damaged, but a circus spokesperson reported there were no injuries. This is truly a credit to circus and arena staff that safely corralled the elephants and protected innocent bystanders from danger.

KDVR reports that the four vehicles damaged belonged to circus employees. Two pickups and two campers were apparently significantly damaged. An eyewitness reports seeing car parts flying everywhere. From

“The elephants just mainly took the pickup trucks and moved them out. We saw car parts just being thrown up in the air. The windows were being smashed by the elephants.”

This type of escape has never happened before in the history of this circus, so the company is planning to investigate what happened to avoid a recurrence.

Elephants are the fourth most dangerous animal in the world, according to Over 500 people are killed by the giant beasts each year.

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