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Circuit Training and Using Proper Form - Don't Be Afraid!

As with using weights, proper form and body mechanics also apply to the circuit machines.  If you have looked around the gym floor at the rows of shiny machines and wondered, "what do I do here?" You are in luck. These machines, once you have been taught how to use them, are user-friendly.  I suggest asking one of the various trainers or a gym manager to give you a lesson on using the circuit. 

There are several ways to go about using these machines.  You can start from one end and continue down each piece of equipment;  you can choose to use the machines that work a particular muscle group; you can run through the circuit several times or do 3 sets on each machine before moving on. Whatever you choose to do, do it correctly.

As I have mentioned in previous articles, proper form, breathing and technique can be the difference between a great workout or a rotten injury.  Make sure you have the seat adjusted correctly to your height, sit up straight, shoulders back, head up.  You do not want to be slumped over with your shoulders rounded.  Exhale on the exertion through your mouth and inhale through your nose on the release.   Use a nice smooth controlled movement.  If you have to twist or swing your body into the exercise, the weight is too heavy and should be adjusted. 

Listen to some good music and enjoy!



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