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Circuelle Breast Self-Exam cream from Oscar swag bag gives meaningful message

Hitting all the Oscar swag suites last week not only filled my canvas bags with glorious goodies from fine bling by Ronaldo, gorgeous products from Divine Designs and a flatiron from iso beauty, one product made a major impact. It’s called Circuelle Breast Ritual Crème and while it’s designed to silken and smooth, it’s primary purpose is to remind women to be aware of their bodies and perform regular checks for lumps on their breasts. The luxurious cream is odorless and contains Evening Primrose Oil, Green Tea extract, Vitamins D and E and an Adjuvant Aromatherapy Blend that supports bi-weekly breast exams that hydrate and tone the skin.

A vital message for women included in Oscar swag bag from Kathy Duliakas' Taglan gifting suite
Patti Pietschmann

The product was created in 2012 by Melissa Kirkpatrick who found a lump in her breast during a self-exam. It was thankfully benign but propelled her to create the procedure that would perhaps encourage women to perform this vital breast cancer awareness procedure.

Kudos to the Sarasota, Florida-based company for donating a free mammogram to patients of Conejo Free Clinic for every celebrity who visited the Kathy Duliakas Oscar Suite last week.

Circuelle is intended to be used as a part of the bath or shower, allowing your fingertips to glide over your breasts and underarms without resistance. Plus, long after you wash off the “touch” of Circuelle remains: caressingly smooth and calming, and lightly scented.

For more information about Circuelle call 1-855-523-7485 and to learn how to do a self-breast exam do watch the video and incorporate the procedure into your lifestyle, it can save your life.

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