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Cinematic Melodies - 'Timber' by Kesha and Pittbull

-Song title: 'Timber' -

A scene from the upcoming "The Other Woman"
20th Century Fox

-Artist: Kesha (featuring Pittbull)-

-Featured in the Trailer for:The Other Woman” (Opens: 4/25/14)-

Quick Bio – I know, technically this is not Kesha’s song, it’s Pittbull’s, but who cares. I’ve wanted a reason to write about Kesha, and truthfully, her piece to the song “Timber” rings louder anyway. At least it does when I listen to it, which I can only imagine is also the reason the producers wanted it featured in their trailer for the upcoming comedy “The Other Woman.” Either way, it gives me an opportunity to write about a girl who truly went after her dreams in a big way. Signing onto Dr. Luke’s label Kemosabe Records at the age of 18, Kesha was ready for whatever this industry threw at her. Singing backup vocals and writing music for over four years only fueled that desire. So, when she finally broke through in 2009 on Flo Rida’s single, “Right Round,” she didn’t look back. The following year she released her debut album Animal and virtually has not stopped since having sold over 57 million records worldwide as of 2013. I know when I think of her, I marvel at how much she has done in basically three years.

In just a few years, she has released two albums (Animal, Warrior) and headlined two tours (Get Sleazy Tour – 2011, Warrior Tour – 2013-14’). She even has starred in her own reality TV series; Ke$ha: My Crazy Beautiful Life on MTV. So, anyone that says this girl is anything but a star has not clue what their talking about. Sure, her style and image is anything but ordinary (especially when you dive into her stage makeup and costume), but she’s “real” in everything she does, and that in itself should be praised. I know any true fan of hers will agree and probably would go as far as to say its part of why they like her so much. That’s rare in today’s music industry, so I give her a lot of credit for continuing to do it her way. Yeah, that has come with quite a bit of ups and downs, having recently completed rehab both physically and mentally. But, she appears to be on her way back, recently announcing that she was “working on tons of new music.” Whether that will be under her former label and Dr. Luke remains to be seen, but either way, expect some sort of comeback story for an artist that has barely scratched the surface of her potential in my opinion.

Individualist – There are some that might compare Kesha to Britney Spears as far as vocal talent, but if you take a closer look, it’s not that close. Sure, the two might occasionally use one too many auto-tune’s with their lyrics, but that doesn’t mean they can’t sing. And for Kesha, she has proved it with songs like “Hungover,” “Animal,” “Wonderland” and “Love Into the Light.” But, I think even more than her music, her approach and persona is what will influence her like Madonna, Beck, Led Zeppelin, Beastie Boys, Iggy Pop and Dolly Parton did for her. Sure, it’s quite the diverse collection of styles among those artists, but not all that surprising when you watch and listen to her. She has a strong voice, one that you will find producing a yodel or two. That in itself is unique and another quality she carries in her music, covering all sorts of musical genres. But, I think it’s what is said in her songs that speaks volumes. Kesha knows how to tell a story and in her songs, can even inspire you, like in “Animal” where she is basically telling people to embrace their individuality. That, in many ways is what has helped grow her brand, which I feel will only get stronger by the time her third album gets released. ~ Historical content provided by

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