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Cinematic Melodies - 'This is Not The End’ by Fieldwork

-Song title: ‘This is Not The End-

Tom Cruise in the upcoming film "Edge of Tomorrow"
Warner Bros.

-Artist: Fieldwork (Johnny McDaid) -

-Featured in the Trailer for:Edge of Tomorrow” (Opens: 5/30/14)-

Quick Bio – It’s one thing to hear a song from a trailer that is already popular, but it’s a whole other story to hear a song like ‘This is Not The End’ for the first time and immediately attempt to find out who is behind it (and no, Shazam will not recognize it). That’s the essence of why I love this column and had to mention the work of one Johnny McDaid, the guy behind that song you hear when watching the trailer for the upcoming film “Edge of Tomorrow.” What a tune and one that is eerily similar to Johann Johannsson’s own ‘The Sun’s Gone Dim and The Sky’s Turned Black,’ which I featured in this very column a few years ago for the “Battle: Los Angeles” trailer. For McDaid, who comes from Northern Ireland, releasing a song like ‘This is Not The End’ showcases what I could call his “other passion” when not recording and touring with Snow Patrol; producing. It’s doesn’t ring the same as pianist, guitarist or backup vocalist does, but mixing and cutting unique tracks like this one is a talent. And McDaid has made “that” look easy the past few years underneath his ‘Fieldwork Music’ studio name. At least to this music fan, who actually liked his prior group Vega4 when they were still active.

I always find it interesting guys like McDaid can end one chapter and start another almost immediately, like he did after Vega4 disbanded. I mean, this guy had just come off of a pretty successful second album, You and Others, which featured the hit single “Life Is Beautiful.” But, after the tour in 2007, the band split leaving McDaid to fall back on that other passion of his. And in 2009, he helped mix and produce one of the greatest “trance” music tracks ever, “Time of Our Lives” for Paul Van Dyk. This single was awarded Best Track at the 2009 Trance Awards and the “Reflections” album it was on also was quietly nominated for a Grammy. One fact about that album and song is how McDaid put the Vega4 name as the contributing artist, even though they had split months earlier. This connection to Paul Van Dyk is extra special to me, given my love for that type of music and PVD, who has been my favorite DJ for quite a while. But, McDaid doesn’t just work with dance or pops music, as he also has worked with a number of singer songwriters like Ed Sheeran, Gary Go, Example and Ingrid Michaelson. So, while he may be seen and known for his ties to Snow Patrol, it’s the work he does behind the scenes with songs like ‘This is Not The End’ that peeks my interest.

Good company – You know the saying, “It’s all about the company you keep?” Well, in my mind, Johnny McDaid has taken that overused saying and is living it. Sure, all of us basically indirectly live with this “saying” floating invisibly above our head, but with McDaid, it seems to be on a whole other level. Talent can only get you so far though, so for McDaid to be able to fall back to producing and mixing music when Vega4 went south was brilliant. And it’s not just about him working again; it’s about who he is working with. And maybe out of all the artist’s he has collaborated with, Ed Sheeran might be the one to put a star next to. Sure, the fact he is part of Snow Patrol, a band that has sold over 12 million albums worldwide, is nice. But, being good buddies with Sheeran is even better, given what that guy has been doing at such a young age. After breaking her 2013 Red Tour. And this summer, Sheeran is releasing his sophomore album “X,” which McDaid actually helped write with specific credits for track(s) “Nina” and “Photograph.” The other writer and producer for X was none other than Pharrell Williams, further supporting the fact that McDaid appears to be hanging out and working with the right people these days. ~ Historical content provided by

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