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Cinematic Melodies - 'Addicted to Love' by Skylar Grey

-Song title: Addicted to Love -

A scene from 'Endless Love'
Universal Pictures

-Artist: Skylar Grey -

-Featured in the Trailer for:Endless Love” (Opens: 2/14/14)-

Quick Bio – Outside of being able to talk about one of my other passions, music, I sometimes get to introduce an artist that otherwise might go unnoticed to people. And while some may have already heard the name Skylar Grey, I doubt they will be able to put a face to it. That includes yours truly, who before this past year had never seen her, but oddly felt as if I had heard her voice before. So, when I watched the trailer for “Endless Love” and heard this poetic voice singing the classic Robert Palmer tune, ‘Addicted to Love,’ I immediately took notice. And as much as I love finding ‘diamonds in the rough,’ Skylar Grey is one that really threw me off in a unique way. Because as I said, I knew of her and the new album Don’t Look Down, but never expected to read that her real name was Holly Brook, an artist I had been waiting for music from ever since I heard her featured on the Fort Minor songs, ‘Where’d You Go’ and ‘Be Somebody.’ So, you can probably imagine my delight when I knew that same Holly Brook is now working under the name of Skylar Grey.

Granted, those that have not heard of Fort Minor probably won’t appreciate that connection, but hopefully can appreciate how music can still surprise you when you least expect it. And Skylar Grey certainly fits that bill, as even her new album sounds like something you have heard before with artists such as Eminem, Big Sean and Travis Barker collaborating. Sure, the lyrics can be a bit abrasive at times, but she sings with so much conviction, I can’t help but to listen. Maybe that’s due to her having to sneak into Wisconsin bars when she was a teenager to play her music, or maybe it’s because she just has a relentlessness to have her voice heard. When changing her name, Grey explained in an Entertainment Weekly interview that “it represents the unknowns of life. People seem to be afraid of the unknowns, but I’m the complete opposite. I dive into the unknown because I feel that’s where all the possibilities come from.” Wow, that’s what I call a true artist who is in control of what she is doing personally and professionally.

Collaborator – By moving to Los Angeles at the tender age of 18, Skylar Grey had to have known this was the best way at getting discovered. So, I’m sure it was a nice surprise when Linkin Park guitarist Brad Delson contacted her after listening to her demo under her real name, Holly Brook. She later was signed to their label officially starting her music career. But, after completing her debut album, Like Blood Like Honey, she still wasn't taking off like she had hoped. So, she started collaborating and sort of became “that voice” that you would hear on a track of your favorite artist. It started with Linkin Park’s own Mike Shinoda, who brought Grey in for the popular Fort Minor track ‘Where’d You Go,’ which allowed her to be seen in different musical arenas. From that point on, she began this run of working with all sorts of artists from the likes of Styles of Beyond, Apathy, Slaughterhouse, The Band Perry, Brie Larson, Duncan Shiek, Eminem, Rihanna, Moby, T.I, Sean “Diddy” Combs and Christina Aguilera. This all before making her debut at the 53rd Grammy Awards alongside Eminem and Dr. Dre singing "I Need a Doctor" under her new alias. She even was featured on Kaskade’s album, Fire & Ice, for the song ‘Room for Happiness’ which she co-wrote. And the best part is, most of this came before the release of her 2013 Don’t Look Down album, paving the way for that notoriety she always wanted. ~ Historical content provided by

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