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Cinema Green Climate change series, part I and part II

Sea Level Rise
Sea Level Rise

On Wednesday, February 5, ECOMB's Cinema Green Project will begin a three-month look at climate change, its importance as well as its relevance to Miami Beach and the South Florida Region.

A total of four documentaries will be screened addressing subjects such as ocean acidification, hypoxic and anoxic zones, sea-level rise, ecosystem destruction, greenhouse gases, coral bleaching and beach/coast erosion.

This event is co-hosted by the Surfrider Foundation & the Cleo Institute and will air at the Miami Beach Cinematheque.


7:00 PM: "Last Hours of Humanity", "Acid Test", "The Changing Sea"

8:30 PM: Cocktail Reception for the South Florida's Rising Seas in partnership with Green Drinks February Gathering. Eco-friendly cocktails by VeeV Açaí Spirits and appetizers by My Ceviche to be served.

9:00 PM: Special Welcome by CMB Commissioner Michael Grieco

9:10 PM: South Florida Rising Seas" screening

9:40 PM: Discussion Panel

Special Guests: City of Miami Beach Commissioner Michael Grieco and Mr. Ralph Avallone - Secretary General, International Green Energy Council

Introduction: Kate MacMillin, film's Executive Producer, will introduce "South Florida Rising Seas". A discussion panel with leading experts on climate change will follow.

Panel Facilitator: Gabriole Van Bryce, CSM, LEED AP BD&C


Dr. Hal Wanless, Chair, UM Geological Sciences Department

Richard Grosso, Director, Environmental & Land Use Law Clinic & Professor of Law, Nova Southeastern University

Mitchell A. Chester, Attorney

Dan Kipnis, Sea Captain, Environmental Activist and Educator

Caroline Lewis, Founder and Executive Director of the CLEO Institute

Cocktail Reception

A cocktail reception for "South Florida's Rising Seas" guests and screening attendees will take place between 8:30 and 9 pm at the Gay & Lesbian Visitor Center, across the lobby from the Cinematheque. Eco-friendly cocktails by VeeV Açaí Spirits and appetizers by My Ceviche.

The Films:

Part I: 7pm

Last Hours of Humanity: 2013 | 10 min

“The film ‘Last Hours’ describes a science-based climate scenario where a tipping point to runaway climate change is triggered by massive releases of frozen methane. Methane, a powerful greenhouse gas, has already started to percolate into the open seas and atmosphere from methane hydrate deposits beneath melting arctic ice, from the warming northern-hemisphere tundra, and from worldwide continental-shelf undersea methane pools.”

Acid Test: 2009 |22 min

“A film produced by NRDC, it was made to raise awareness about the largely unknown problem of ocean acidification, which poses a fundamental challenge to life in the seas and the health of the entire planet. Like global warming, ocean acidification stems from the increase of carbon dioxide in the earth's atmosphere since the start of the Industrial Revolution. This short film shows what the possible progression in carbon could cause."

The Changing Sea: 2011 | 60 min

"Strange days are dawning in the global sea. Creatures are on the move. Dead zones are expanding. The foundation of life is slowly eroding. And we are the agents of that change. This film also discusses the way that carbon dioxide isaffecting the ocean and not just the land."

Part II: 9pm

South Florida Rising Seas: 2013 | 26 min

"South Florida is one of the most vulnerable regions in the world to the impacts of rising seas, according to scientists. If the sea rises as projected, our communities face daunting challenges to stay habitable. Two FIU professors from the School of Journalism and Mass Communication, Kate MacMillin, an award-winning TV producer, and Juliet Pinto, a journalism professor whose research focuses on environmental communication, explore the narrative of a community under threat from sea level rise in their half-hour documentary, "South Florida's Rising Seas." Through interviews with geologists, engineers, lawyers, community leaders and environmental activists and with animations designed by WPBT2's Norman Silva, we learn why the sea is rising, what the impacts are to South Florida and what is being done about it."

When/Where/Date: Wednesday, February 5th, 2014

Time: 7 p.m. - part I | 9 p.m. - part II.

Location: Miami Beach Cinematheque, 1130 Washington Ave, Miami Beach, Fl


The 12th Street Garage located at 12th and Drexel. Hourly rates are $1 per hour; off street parking also available.

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